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Anna.18. Dreamer.
One day i will live but for now i am stuck in the reality zone.

My dear, I want you only for now, only for this day and i want this moment to be endless, to last like no other moment did. Don’t say you want me forever, i am afraid of forever, cause it brings tomorrow and tomorrow is dark and unpredictable. So lets keep the now for long, lets stay as we are for many nows, always lovers in the present, never in future.

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As i read the book about philosophy, i realize how useless all the fights of humanity are. Its an irony that at the end of the day we are just humans, like many others, trying to find the answers of the same questions, always, endlessly, through all the periods of time. And yet many continue to forget that.  

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All the moments away from you are just waiting, waiting for the moment i will see you again.

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Nature is what i call home